Call for Articles

The South African Labour Bulletin is calling for articles for the next two issues. The themes for the issues are:

  1. Labour movements role in economic recovery and responding to the broader impacts of COVID-19. The response to COVID-19 is captured in the slogan “build back better”. In the labour movement and the social movements a questioning of this narrative has occurred focussed on the distributional outcomes of the proposals and the development of alternatives. This issue of the SALB will provide a platform for critique of proposals from government, business and labour, and raise alternative proposals.
  2. Just transitions and economic development. This edition will engage with the concept of a just transition. The words are now part of government and businesses vocabulary. This edition will explore the development of civil society platforms, the implications for economic policy and impacts on union organising.

The guide for authors can be accessed at this link.

Should you wish to propose an article please use the form below.

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