SATAWU Gauteng Province Condemns Violent Protests in Various Sections of the Country


SATAWU Gauteng Province Condemns Violent Protests in Various Sections of the Country

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) in Gauteng condemns in the strongest terms the ongoing chaos and violent protests currently affecting the province and other parts of the country.

We have noted with great concern, and to our utter dismay, the burning of critical infrastructure including but not limited to trucks, buses and small & medium enterprises located in the township economy. The transport sector is an integral component of the South African economy. Apart from connecting value chains, both domestic and international transport remain pivotal for the transit of goods in general and the mobility of human beings in particular. Similarly, the combination of freight and passenger transport is crucial for the creation of economic opportunities necessary for addressing structural inequality confronting the working class.

Without entering into the realm of party politics, the protests against real suffering were initially genuine, however, the rampant looting and criminal element will have far-reaching consequences for ordinary citizens in the long run. These devastating effects linked to the Covid-19 pandemic will aggravate existing social ills of poverty, unemployment and inequalities. What is worrisome is the fact that the protest action has the potential of transforming into a super spreader event which may lead to the exponential increase of Covid-19 infections, hospitalization and fatalities.

Irrespective of the pandemic in question, the latter does not take away the fact that South Africa has been sitting on an economic ticking time bomb waiting to explode. With this said, poverty, unemployment and inequality should be declared crimes against humanity. These crimes against humanity must urgently be eliminated to restore the dignity of the African majority enslaved in a democratic society.

SATAWU Gauteng Province, strongly feels that in as much as our democracy is being tested, the situation also provides an opportunity to remedy the problem with lasting solutions essential for the fundamental transformation of our country. We are hopeful that we will rise beyond these social and economic challenges.

Issued on Behalf of SATAWU Gauteng POBC

For more information, contact:
SATAWU Gauteng Provincial Chairperson: Tshepo Mofokeng: (067 943 8427)
SATAWU Gauteng Provincial Secretary: Veliswa Mhlambiso: (063 037 3362)

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